November 04, 2010

His Fingers

My boyfriend embellished his boring-document-binder with collages made of a lot of pictures (right) and wrong-side photocopied paper (left). Simple project but nice result.  Good Job, honey :D

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November 03, 2010


I loooove paperwrap, especially with uniqe design. There are a lot of beautiful paperwrap we can find in Jakarta, if we want to hunt like crazy. I have one-must-visit small shop, covert in the basement of unknown mall in central Jakarta, which sells pretty-vintage paperwrap, just like the 1st picture upthere.

Wish this picture can boost up our day, today!

Got 'em from here.
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Juni 13, 2010

Keep Her Where She Belongs....

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April 07, 2010

The Basic Wardrobe

Tittle: "The Basic Wardrobe is your head" -so, don't forget to wear it-
Collage on notebook's cover, 2010

Maret 02, 2010

1st Order

Agenda 2010, got from random magazine's, 16 cm x 14 cm
Collages made from: vintage wrapping paper, vintage ads, ribbon, various buttons, random paper, and 'sign here' post it.

Ordered by Cinda for his lover's (Nia)  birthday. It feels great that both of you like it, guys! And such a nice coincident that her fave color is purple.

Happy Belated Birthday, Nia...

Updated from my fb's wall:
Neea Ku chacamaricha..gunting tempel.. :)
nice theme...nice tag line...nice art.. :)
thanks a buck hun 4 d'lovely agenda... :) 
im sorry 4 making ur hectic schedule more disturbed..
30 minutes ago · · · See Wall-to-Wall  

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