November 03, 2009

lil sweet things...

I loooove vintage ads... Wish i could find 'em and make a collage from 'em.

-make things, not war-

November 02, 2009

Oh my dear.....

Just like i wrote in my other blog here, i won ika's giveaway!!!!! You know, i was kinda hopeless when i joined the giveaway 'cause there were lotta person who entered first. And everyone throwed the perfect answer for the question "If you are a craft tool, what will you be?". The 1st thing i ever think if i were a craft tool, i would be a GLUE, but a lot of person want to be a glue. To make it a lil bit different, i wrote: my right hand would be a scissor and my left hand surely be the glue stick :).

Refers to the hopeless thingy, i didnt check and recheck who won the giveaway, till last Friday, ika herself was popping out in my gtalk and told me that I WON!!!!

F-Y-I (yess, i try to make all of you jealous :D), i will be the owner of one of these beautiful creature...

I cant imagine before that MONDAY could be such a great day :)

-make things, not war-